Useful , valuable and genuine

In loving detail , we make our products in our house own cushion manufactory in the Bregenzerwald/Bregenzerforest . In our hand-sewn and carefully filled pillows  we place great value on high quality. Many helping hands work for Himmelgrün and we especially grateful for the cooperation of people whose work  does not meet the general requirements . With their special talents they enrich our company . Social commitment is a important matter for us aswell as humanness that is appreciated in their daily work . This means for us to live consciously,  sustainably and to economise socially , meaningful and valuable , just Himmelgrün .

Our Philosophie of the Senses

We grew up in the Bregenzerwald mountains and from an early age we were familiar with nature and found in it a wise teacher. Natures strength , we embed lovingly in handcrafted  pillows and gifts , let our senses consciously live and let nature work on our wellbeing . We draw inspiration from our region , the meadows and forests , the mountains and their numerous herbs . Handcraft is lived , produced and beautifully created , unsophisticated and naturally.

With a good Feeling

With natural and authentic materials we fill health and wellnes cushions and make them in creative variations and fabric collections to a variety of forms . Our specially composed herbal blends stimulate the senses and are a building block of nature for our  well-being . Important to us is the high quality of  raw materials used ,  which could be found on the shelves of a pharmacy, our central concern . In compiling the fillings we leave no wishes unfulfilled and gladly fill especially for you.