Amaranth Beauty & Wellness

 Health farms, relaxation hotels and certain catering establishments already successfully provide these small miracle cushions for treatments in their spa and beauty departments.

 Pure relaxation - for bright and beautiful eyes! It's the natural cooling effect and the gentle acupressure because of the corn's weight that calms down overworked and tired eyes. Sore eyes, flickering and head-pressure improve. For red and irritable eyes amaranth has a decongestant effect. The small and fine miracle corn amaranth holds wonderful powers and offers comfort and refreshment to irritable eyes due to its cooling effect. The eye cushion adapts itself gently to the eyes, has a calming and relaxing effect after work on the computer, after a long car journey or after sunbathing.

The cooling, refreshing effects will convince you too!

 For the filling we exclusively use amaranth from controlled organic cultivation. The tiny amaranth-seedlings with a diameter of roughly 1 mm have a (applied at room temperature) naturally cooling and decongestant effect as well as a light acupressure effect.


Protein - fat contents

The precious seedling of amaranth is big in comparison to the starch body. As a result the protein and fat contents as well as the mineral contents are very high. The amino acid spectrum is especially favourable and the general deficiency of lysine is existent higher-than-average. The fatty acid spectrum shows high contents of unsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic acid and alpha linoleic acid, a precious omega 3 fatty acid.




Cosmetic treatments

Seen away from the food industry amaranth is getting more and more recognition in the cosmetic field, which can be put down to its comfortable weight and the cooling effect of the tiny grains.

The useful plant
Amaranth is one of the oldest useful plants of mankind. It has been used thousands of years ago as offerings of food as well as a sacrifice to the gods in South America. It was seen as a holy plant for a long time. Incas and Aztecs believed to have found the source of great power in it.

Worth knowing
The name of the mustard size grains stems from the Greek word amaranthus which means immortal or unfading.