Cherry stones

More than 100 years ago, when people made use of the hidden powers of nature, cherry stones were carefully collected by health-conscious mothers, then dried and kept in small fabric bags.

 For heat treatment they were warmed up on top of a tiled stove or in the oven and then put on the effected parts of the body. Cherry stones store warmth in a natural way thanks to their enormous storage capacity and give it off evenly without cooling down completely. The soothing natural warmth has a beneficial effect on cramps, aches and pains as well as for cold feet. In addition they can also be used cooled as a cold compress for strains, sprains, bruises,...

For generations this little and yet so greatly effective cushion has been passed on to the children by their mothers. This knowledge and practical use was also only kept alive by word of mouth in families as a secret of nature. It's not been forgotten to this day!

 Heat treatment: For natural warmth in tiled stove or in the oven: ~ 10 minutes at 100°C.
 Microwave: 1-2 minutes on medium power! No more than 360 watts!
 Always check the temperature before using it for babies and small children!
 Cold compress: Cool in the freezer for ~ 15 minutes and then place on body.