Perhaps hardly any organic substances could assert themselves as much in scientific surveys as the valuable grape-seeds.

They own a massiv amount of energy in such a useful unity that can only be created by nature. Very early on people recognized the high value of this actual waste-product. It was mainly used as a fertilizer because it was obvious the plants got stronger when using it and it was able to protect them from various different diseases.

Many years later mankind discoverd the possiblility to gain a valuable oil out of grape seeds, which soon played a significant role in healthy eating as well as beauty care.
Wealthy ladies loved this gentle natural oil as a skin care rejuvenation cure and natural non-medical practitioners used it for drinking as a remedy.

As a further use these filigree grape seeds are nowadays used for warming-up, cooling down and a feeling of well-being. They have a heavenly relaxing effect and snuggle willingly into every part of the body thanks to their fine compression. They are capable of storing heat and coldness in a natural way and transmit an uncomplicated natural treatment in an agreeable dose.

They are especially suitable for the face, eyes, ears and also for children thanks to their lightness. The soothing power of warmth was already known over 3000 years ago. Warmth is a form of energy which releases and puts in order again and therefore eases tension and gets accumilated blood to flow again.
Heat treatment: Warm up grape seed cushion on top of a tiled stove or in the oven: ~ 10-12 minutes at 100°C. Microwave: 1-2 minutes on medium power! For babies and small children always check warmth first! Shake up the cushion. Should the inner seeds be too warm - leave to cool. This is especially for use with the microwave. The heat should always feel comfortable.

Cold compress: Cool in the freezer (20 minutes) and place on the body.
The natural principle applies here too: nature is good for you - that's why the coldness should also never be uncomfortable. Use as a cold compress for pain-therapy, staunching of inflammations, hot flushes, headaches, migraines, muscle-injuries, sprains, strains and toothache.