Swiss stone pine wood has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, the autonomic nervous system and the sleeping quality. The gentle powers of nature in perfect evolvement. Swiss stone pine planed thinly has a perfect surface to pass on the positive effects to the sleeper. Thrived on healthy high areas, robust and strong growing thanks to the weather conditions, the care and processing of our responsible partners. Let's look after our nature, whose circle can be closed through us again. 

We probably possess the richest and most colourful selection of Swiss stone pine manufacture. Swiss stone pine, pinus cembra, the Alpine queen. Himmelgruen solely works with organic Swiss stone pine of the high Alpine terrain in uncontrolled growth, specially processed by our local handicraftsman-partners into shavings and wrapped in lovely covers. Whether it's a gift, article of daily use or purely for health found the right thing in Swiss stone pine. Dead right! It will make your bedroom into a regenerative comforting oasis, a centre of recuperation. 

Ideal to help fall asleep and recharge your batteries. Strong of heart, because Swiss stone pine evidentially supports your heart. Himmelgruen in principle only use un-flavoured natural fillings, pure, as grown in nature. Nothing more, nothing less! Because only pristine purity has an effect in the long run. And if ever you wanted to re-fragrance we recommend the 100% pure Swiss stone pine cushion spray for textiles.