Should you still have any questions, we are personally available via email or phone for further information.

We look forward to suggestions, wishes or realisation of your special ideas.

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Where can I enjoy or order Himmelgruen articles?

A large selection of Himmelgruen quality articles are available in our numerous standing customers in Austria, Germany, Italy and more and more in Switzerland: in specialist shops for living, furnishing and sleeping, well-assorted chemist's shops, pharmacies as well as health shops, in numerous gift-boutiques, specialist health and children's shops. Tradition and costumes as well as arts and crafts and local handicrafts shops.

More and more upper-class hotels offer the option to sleep heavenly on one of Himmelgruen's cushions of choice. Ask for the Himmelgruen cushion menu a la carte; this indulgence could be addictive!

We offer more than 3000 articles, out of which the specialised trade offers a selective choice, depending on trade/season, for the recommended retail price.

HOW can I order WHAT?

You can shop conveniently around the clock from the Himmelgruen online shop. We offer Europe's largest selection of patented natural and health articles. That's how we guarantee our Himmelgruen Philosophy: produced in Austria, fondly filled by hand with highest quality, whenever possible local natural fillings. We wrap pure nature into the most beautiful covers sensible-precious-pure

For retailers we are available through a retailer-log-in with trade-prices or with a trade catalogue for resellers, trade fairs as well as phone and fax orders. phone/fax 0043 5512 3092

Should you despite the extensive choice not find the article of your imagination, please let us know too. We are sort of fulfilling your wishes. As producers we have unexpected possibilities, which we can realise as special designs.

What payment options can I choose?

Visa, Mastercard , Advanced payment, PayPal

After your choice of payment options you will automatically be told what steps to take. You will receive a confirmation email after placing an order in correctly submitting your email address. Should you miss that, please contact us. For retailers the payment arrangements of our generally accepted pricelist for retailers will be applied. After the first trade order a catalogue for retailers will be enclosed.



As producer of natural health cushions we freshly fill every one of your orders with highest quality natural fillings. Your cushion has to pass through two product-controls before it is sent off. Sleeping and indulgence cushions are sanitary products, which can't be sent as a sample of inspection for understandable reasons. Complaints can only be accepted within 12 hours and without exception for verifiable manufacturing errors. Faulty products will as a matter of course be replaced within a week,  when they get returned verifiably unused, perfectly clean and inclusive of all original labels. Unjustified returned products can only be destroyed by us, as every customer deserves a freshly produced cushion without exception. We thank you for your understanding in this matter, also in the name of the environment, where we save on unnecessary environmental pollution.


WHEN and HOW will my order be sent?

Your chosen product will be freshly filled and sent as a new product on order.

At the latest two days after payment the order is sent to the address given via parcel service. Over 90% of Himmelgruen products are promptly deliverable. In case of non-availability we will inform you of the expected time of production via email.

Transport takes up to 5 working days for Austria, Switzerland and Germany according to experience . For other countries add 3-4 working days.

Your given address is the delivery address. Should you not be there for the delivery through the parcel service, a written note will be left, where the parcel can be picked up locally within the next 3 days, before it will be returned to sender and you will be liable to pay costs.

Retailers: depending on the size of the order approx. 1-2 weeks production time, at times of seasonally intensive production times (September to February) accordingly longer.

Special designs, advertising products according to a time and material basis.

Delivery is carried out by parcel service or truck company. 


How are the Himmelgruen products packaged?

An as environmentally friendly dispatch as possible is a consistent cornerstone of our philosophy. We do not out of conviction want to be part of the madness of waste products of mostly needless packaging. We deliver tens of thousands of cushions for the specialised trade, which would leave tens of thousands of plastic bags as an environmental impact of waste over decades. To avoid this you get our pure natural products generally without individual packaging in cardboard packaging. In doing so we also respect the sensitivity of an increasing number of health-conscious cusstomers, who would not want to risk possible changes of natural products in plastic bags or who insist on not buying plastic packaging for environmental reasons.

Individual packaging is customary within the industry and is often inevitable, hence possible as a matter of course! This opens up another task for the Working Committee of social medicine, who arrange assisted employment of labour in workshops at a fair salary for these individual packaging to be done.

Arising expenses depending on size of packaging, plastic bags with green dot (agroregulation), own labels, barcodes (EAN Code) etc. by request!


Transport costs end-consumer

Austria parcel-service (delivery to home address included)

Up to €100,00 € 7,00
up to €250,00 € 9,00
from €250,00  free delivery

Germany parcel service (delivery to home address included)

Up to €100,00 € 9,00
up to €250,00 € 11,00
from €250,00  free delivery

Other EU countries

Up to €100,00 € 15,00 
up to €500,00 € 20,00
from €500,00  free delivery

Countries outside EU ( especially Switzerland - CH) Costs of customs clearance and home delivery are included in this
Up to €100,00 €  20,00 €
up to €250,00 € 25,00
up to €500,00 € 35,00
from €500,00  free delivery

We don't deliver products to view or try out. Every product is specially produced for you on order and is a sanitary product. We thank you for your understanding. 

Transport costs for trade

The minimum order for trade prices is €250,00. The first delivery is against cash in advance subject to 5 per cent discount. future deliveries are net cash 30 days or 10 days subject to 3 per cent discount.  

Outside EU cash in advance subject to 5 per cent discount only. 

Transport costs retailers Austria
up to €250,00 €12,00
up to €500,00 €15,00
up to €750,00 €18,00
From €750,00 € free delivery

Retailers Germany
up to €250,00 €15,00
up to €500,00 €20,00
up to €750,00 €25,00
up to €1000,00 €30,00
Free delivery from €1000,00 

Retailers other EU countries
up to €250,00 €20,00
up to €500,00 €25,00
up to €750,00 €30,00
up to €1200,00 €35,00 
Free delivery from €1200,00 

Retailers outside EU countries (especially  Switzerland - CH) Costs of customs clearance is already included 
Minimum order €250,00 
up to €250,00 €35,00
up to €500,00 €40,00
up to €750,00 €45,00
up to €1200,00 €50,00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Above €1200,00  5 per cent of invoice total                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        No free delivery 



Bank: Sparkasse A -6863 EGG
BLZ: 20603
Kontonummer: 2000-045647
Internationale, spesenfreie Überweisung

BIC(Swift): SPEGAT21

Durability and care-instructions
How do I care for my health cushion?


Every Himmelgruen product is on its way to you freshly from production. The durability for pillows and indulgence cushions filled with herbs is estimated to be approximately 5 years, with daily use and proper care. The herbal contents which are of apothecary quality (gently air-dried and not perfumed) only develops its effectiveness through touch and the warmth of bed, which means you will benefit even longer from this gentle power.

After that it is advised to think of a new cushion. The natural contents is bio-degradable. Thank you for your understanding that we don't send out replacement fillings, as the time and effort is too great and more cost-intensive than the production of a new cushion.


Shake it daily and every few weeks put it outside in the fresh air, on the balcony or window sill: on 'air-days', which are the signs of zodiac of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius! The sun has an energising effect on the cushion contents. Soft warming can increase the benefits.

For a hygenic protection for pillows it is advised to use suitable, washable protective covers, which we offer in all different sizes. For purely decorative cushions and fragranced cushions there is little demand for a second cover.

Cushions of warmth: our cherry stones and grape seeds are dried to 8-10% remaining humidity and effectively durable for many years. Only use clean underlays for warming and a separate freezer bag for freezing. That way you will enjoy your warmth and cold compress for a long time to come. 

All natural cushions need to be protected from overheating and humidity.


Täglich aufschütteln, alle paar Wochen an die frische Luft , auf den Balkon oder Fensterbrett: an "Lufttagen" , dies sind die Tierkreiszeichen Zwilling, Waage und Wassermann! Die Sonne wirkt energetisierend auf die Kisseninhalte. Sanftes Anwärmen kann die Wirkungsweise verstärken.